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* Check Out time is at 2 pm

* Check In time is at 11 am ( contact me if you need early Check In or for us to keep your bags for a few hours to check availability )


House Rules


* Open from 8 am to 10 pm

* Small Refrigerator for everyone to use

* In the mornings find Fresh Fruit and Hot Water for Tea available ( remember there is also a Coffee Maker  & Local Coffee in your room for your enjoyment as well ) 

* Enjoy our Table Games

* There is a BBQ Grill and out doors Picnic Table for everyone to use. ( Please remember when using the BBQ to make sure the fire is extinguished when you leave, please use common sense at all times)

* Please respect our Quiet Hours after 11 pm. There is lots of fun bars to visit to take the party to after 11.


* If You wish to extend your stay text me for availability 

* GAIA GUEST HOUSE is designed to be a Quaint Harbor for travelers and the property is exclusively for Registered Guests.

* We clean the rooms daily from Mon through Sat from 9 am till 2 pm

* Angelina & Mercedes are on the property from 8 am till 7 pm if you have additional needs for your room, feel free to text me as well.

* You will find tour information in our Common Area for you to Explore this Exciting State. Contact the tour operators directly at your convenience.

* We allow smoking in the private terraces, not in the rooms.

* Pets are Welcome, please text me for information and logistics.

Practical information & numbers

* You shouldn't drink the water from the tap in Mexico and anything uncooked should be disinfected.

* There is a free walking tour of the town every morning at 10 AM at the "plaza de la Paz" in front of the church 

* There is a small store with basic goods at the end of the street going towards the center

* Pharmacy: (+52 1) 967 678 034 (you can order what you need and they bring it to you)

* Secure Taxi: (+52 1) 967 127 6880

* Local Police: (+52 1) 967 149 3521

* Emergency: 066

* Veterinarian: (+52 1) 967  678 0652 

* Order food in: (+52 1) 967 184 1114 or

map of the town

Chek In Check Out
House Rules
Practical Information & Numbers
Map of the Town
Illustration_sans_titre 2.png

1. Gaia Guest House (you are here)

2. Small grocery shop

3. Parking for fee

4. El Gallo Pinto (Mediterranean Food)

5. Roots (bakery)

6. Church "Iglesia Guadalupe"

7. Pharmacy

8. Plaza de la Paz (Free walking tour every morning at 11)

9. Zócalo

10. Market of Santo Domingo

11. Municipal Market

12. El Cerrillo

13. Centralita (Coworking Space)

14. El caldero (Mexican soup restaurant)

15. Te quiero Verde (Vegan & Vegetarian Food)

16. Arco Del Carmen

17. Cerrito de San Cristobal 

18. Museo Na Bolom

19. Museo del Ambar

20. OCC (bus station)

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